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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our future teeters on a knife-edge

  • Political turmoil
  • Human population explosion
  • Comet or asteroid hitting the Earth
  • Deadly new diseases
  • U.S. bankruptcy
  • Hackers, and computer viruses
  • Nuclear proliferation in Islamic regimes
  • Honeybee die offs
  • Ogallala Aquifer Depletion
On the bright side...

The good news for me—and perhaps for you—is that there's absolutely nothing any of us can do about any of them. I realize that this may not sound like good news but think about it. If you could do something no matter how difficult, no matter how painful, time consuming, expensive, etc., you'd feel honor bound to do it. What a bother that would be! Because you and I are powerless there's no point in even worrying about it. Take global warming for instance. Even if this threat was legitimate so what? We're not going to convince 1.3 billion cold Chinese people to stop burning coal, or convince 150 million Americans to throw their car keys in the ocean, or convince two billion cows to stop farting. Luckily for life on Earth, this planet is self-regulating. If too much CO2 builds up in the atmosphere it will stimulate more plants to grow which will convert that CO2 back into oxygen.

It's not just the balance of oxygen and carbon-dioxide that is self-regulating. When populations become too great there are mechanisms which regulate them as well. Through technology, humanity has so far successfully staved off most of these self-regulating mechanisms thus far, but a tipping point is at hand and I'm nearly certain that we will be rigorously balanced in the near future. When the population grows more quickly than the food supply, at some point the eminently possible becomes certain. When medicines no longer fight off infections, when insecticides no longer kill off insects, when wells dry up and fertile soil turns to sand... the overpopulation problem will solve itself. The simplest solution for the problem of too many people is simply to do nothing. Nobody likes that solution but so what? There's not very much you or I can do about a comet exterminating life on Earth either. Hollywood Blockbusters and Bruce Willis aside, at this point we can't land on a comet and begin drilling operations at this particular juncture...

As for the eminent bankruptcy of this nation, again there's nothing you and I can do about it. I know you think voting for this politician or that one may avail but as the most recent elections have shown, those who want government hand-outs outnumber those who want to rein in our unimaginable national profligacy. It's already too late to not go bankrupt. So there's no point crying over spilt milk, or for that matter perfectly good milk that was just inexplicably poured down the drain for no reason at all. Why ask why? At this point reasons and explanations don't matter at all. It seems like everyone who suffers from whatever malady either natural or deliberate always asks "why me?" The honest answer is: if not you, then who is it you'd wish your bad fortune upon in place of you? People when they trip over something like to look around and see what caused their stumble. To what purpose I ask? Even if you find a suspicious banana-peel, patch of oil, or even a string tied across the path, etc., it won't turn back time and let you unfall.

When you fall, you get back up and keep going. Learn to be more aware, watch for obstacles accidental, incidental, and deliberate. It doesn't matter how careful you are you are, however, you and I are still destined to fall again and yet again. It's the nature of gravity to bring us down, and its pull is unrelenting and merciless.

One thing seems certain however and that is that regardless of what happens in the future it's in everyone's best interest to prepare for civil unrest. All the problems listed above—with the exception of extinction level events—will entail massive civil unrest.

Like you I wonder why the Department of Homeland Security needs 1.6 billion rounds of hollow-point ammo. The common excuse for this unimaginable hoard of ammunition is that they need it for target practice. The thing is that the DHS doesn't need hollow-point ammo for target practice. Standard full-metal jacket ammo is cheaper and shoots cleaner and more accurately than hollow-point ammo. The point is that they're not shooting these 1.6 billion rounds at paper targets today; they're preparing to shoot them at us tomorrow. There are about 200,000 DHS employees. According to my calculator that's 8000 hollow point bullets for each employee of the Department of Homeland Security.

The typical rebuttal for the startling and frightening facts above is that not all of this ammo is hollow point, or that the DHS is buying in bulk. My friend Grant maintains that this insanely irrational gargantuan stockpile, this Mt. Everest mountain of ammunition is for some external threat such as an invasion by China or Russia. This begs the question why give them to the Department of Homeland Security instead of our armed forces. No. That excuse is as asinine as is the one that claims they're for shooting at paper targets. Any person with the barest modicum of common sense should be able to immediately spot the target of all this ammo. Us. Americans.

Couple this existential threat—enough ammo to shoot every American, men, women, and children five times—with the recent push to outlaw privately owned guns and 2+2 starts looking more and more like 4. In case you've forgotten the government does engage in conspiracies, conspiracy theorists notwithstanding. Operation Fast and Furious was just such a conspiracy and its self-evident purpose was to distribute guns to drug-cartels and then "discover" those weapons at the scenes of murders. The USA conspired in the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of human beings both Mexican and American and then when they got caught they just made it all disappear. In terms of the severity of illegal and unethical conspiracies, it makes Watergate look like a kindergartener copied his buddy's spelling test in comparison.

So Obama and his buddy Eric Holder got caught. Then they got away with it. Then Obama got re-elected. Today Fast and Furious has been forgotten by most. My buddy—the one who thinks the DHS is stocking up on ammo to combat some imagined Mongol Horde—doesn't believe there was such a thing as fast and furious. He thinks it was a movie about some car thieves, that or a FOX publicity stunt. So here is evidence of a massive conspiracy and America yawns.

Here are some questions: Is brainwashing somebody possible? Will a man purposely kill another man or twenty men or even twenty children to further a political agenda? Did Fast & Furious accomplish its goal of providing an excuse to outlaw semi-automatic rifles and large-capacity magazines? Was another shot in the arm necessary to accomplish this stated goal? Was Adam Lanza acting on his own? I don't know. I'm just a crazy conspiracy theorist, but just because I'm a conspiracy theorist, that doesn't mean there isn't a conspiracy. There are more than 200 million privately owned guns in the United States. The Department of Homeland Security may have billions of rounds but they don't have millions of guns...they don't have millions of employees either. The only way they could effect a takeover and "put-down" civil unrest and impose martial law is by first confiscating all those privately held firearms. That is their goal; that is their plan. If the Obama administration succeeds in its aim, history tells us what the future is going to look like.

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