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Saturday, April 6, 2013

If there's one thing I hate more than hypocrisy it's sanctimony!

When I'm people watching I always check out the ladies. I'm a guy and guys are happy to enjoy the view. If the ladies are good-looking they know it, and they wear revealing clothing to flaunt it. They wear push-up bras with blouses showing off ever more revealing d├ęcolletage. They wear skin-tight jeans that cling snugly to every curvaceous curve from their butt all the way down. Even better than this, is when they wear those little skirts with hose and those stiletto heels. As they sway seductively with every step you can just look around and you'll see the heads of all the men turning like a flower following the sun.

Does pointing out these completely obvious and totally undeniable facts somehow make of me a sexist? If women aren't displaying their sexuality what is it that they are doing pray tell? You'll have to pardon my confusion because if that's not what they're doing then what's with the make-up? What's with that veritable tackle box-full of stuff designed to help them accentuate this feature and conceal that one? What's with the lipstick if not to make those lips look fuller and more seductive? What's with that mascara if not to make us stutter and lose our wits when they bat their eyelashes at us? How do fuller lips or longer lashes help the ladies perform their daily tasks more efficiently?

If the President of the United States is a complete boob, an utter moron, a lackluster unimaginative statist left-wing America-hating A-hole, he's still a guy. What? A man can't pay a woman a compliment? Grow-up! If you want to find things to criticize there's plenty to pick from. But picking on him because he said some lady was attractive is just nothing but pettiness for petty's sake. It's not just petty it's anti-conservative. Remember what we stand for: Men being men, women being women? Getting married, having babies, raising children, and making the world go-round, that's what we stand for. All this hysteria is unbecoming and antithetical to our conservative political ideology. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. Why throw a rock when he does?
To help you better understand the outrage by so many women, here are three reasons your "compliment" was so very far out of bounds:

1. You are basically her boss, Mr. President.

Yes, the people of California elected her, but she also oversees justice in your name as well. Bosses who flirt cross a line. Imagine if Hillary Clinton were president and she complimented the handsome attorney general of Maryland, Doug Gansler, not only on his outstanding service but for his good looks. Actually it is hard to imagine such a gaffe, isn’t it? Women bosses — 9 times out of 10 — unlike men know how to keep such thoughts to themselves.

2. Women want to be judged on their accomplishments and not how pretty or unpretty they are.

Men are not complimented on their hunkiness, unless they are a movie star or a model, but on what they accomplish. To mix the two compliments is to demean AG Harris’ capabilities. Being very pretty is great, but something she has no control over, the luck of the genetic draw. But being an outstanding attorney general, one of only nine women who hold that post in the U.S., means she worked hard to break the legal glass ceiling. Also did you wonder what the other eight women AGs thought when they heard your remarks?

3. You are the President of the United States, for Pete’s sake.

You are also the father of two girls, whom you want to grow up and be as accomplished as their lawyer mother, and you want them to be judged on their merits, not on their perkiness or cuteness. As the President of this country, you are also supposed to set a tone by what you say. Words have consequences. You are the leader of the free world, trying to move the world’s women out of the shadows of discrimination and into economic equality to give the world stability, so it is painful to watch you slip into male chauvinist rhetoric of the last century.
No no no don't bother standing there with your mouth agape at the immense stupidity of this screed from Catherine Poe. Maybe you respect her otherwise conservative credentials, perhaps you're thinking this is a shoe on the other foot tongue-in-cheek droll comedy, but I don't get that. There's not one thing in her article that suggests she's having fun being ironic or that this is satire of whatever kind. I think she's completely serious and therefore completely misses the mark.

If you want to dislike someone, dislike them for the right reasons not the wrong ones. If you're argument is that because of his position as "leader of the free world" that it's inappropriate to compliment a woman for her appearance then you need someone to knock some sense into that pointy little head of yours. Let's get one thing perfectly clear...good-looking women 1.) Know they're attractive. 2.) Work hard at maintaining their attractiveness. 3.) Like to be complimented on their attractiveness.

The life of a pretty woman is one of exercise, diet, hair-dressers, make-up, clothing, shoes, manicures, pedicures, etc., STOP STOP STOP!!! Do you think we men do any of that stuff? Well maybe just the tiniest little bit of it, but it's not central to our daily lives. The average guy doesn't spend hours getting ready for work. The average guy doesn't spend hundreds of dollars on getting their hair done or their nails. Go to your local news-stand. When you get there look at all the magazines for women. Read the names of the to make your man happy. How to attract a man. How to keep a man. How to make your lips look more full. How to shape the perfect butt. How to make your man buy that ring...on and on and on. If you ladies aren't fishing for compliments...what's with all the fishing magazines and all that lovely bait?

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