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Monday, January 7, 2013

Who's the bigger fool, the fool or the fool who follows him?

Today I want to write something positive. I want to be optimistic and look for those bright linings that must surely be found in these dark clouds overhead. I'm almost philosophical today as I contemplate what it's all about. Why we are here. I think we're here to learn. We're here to try things, things that work, things that don't. We're here to make mistakes and learn from mistakes. We're here to be so proud and defiant that we always do the opposite of what we're told, and then live to raise children who do the exact same thing. It seems as though we were all warned about this once, a long time ago?

There aren't too many people who're interested in politics. You'd think that the study of why things are the way they are would be of some interest to the masses but instead people are endlessly fascinated by trivia. They dwell incessantly on matters of absolutely no consequence whatsoever. Sports, celebrities, entertainers of every description are matters to be pondered and discussed and debated. It has nearly become an abomination. Our obsession with the American glitterati has reached the point where they've become false-idols, petty painted-godlings to be worshipped and prayed to. This again somehow seems familiar to me, almost like it might have been a story I read about somewhere?

This idol worshipping business is all the more astounding when you consider that there's not much difference between that multi-millionaire super-star idol and that guy playing a beat-up old guitar at the park with a sign that says: "Tips appreciated." There might or might not be a difference in talent, but there sure is a difference in luck or fate, or whatever it is that lets one person become a celebrity and keeps the other wearing rags. I'm sure you've been to a nice restaurant before where live performers were playing music in the background? You probably sat there oblivious to the entertainment while you ate, laughed, smoked, drank and chatted about everything under the sun. You did all this while managing to completely ignore the entertainers who were playing their instruments or singing as well as any star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and who—through some fantastic stroke of luck—may themselves end up immortalized on that very same Walk of Fame.

Ok, I tried to be positive but I've just got to say it. People are evil, lazy, and stupid, in no particular order and we each possess all of these traits to a greater or lesser degree. Therefore rule by the people—or democracy—is ultimately stupid and is eventually going to end badly. In a democratic republic, the people select those who they believe will be good enough and intelligent enough to successfully lead the country and we the people put these—our betters—in charge. The problem again, is that people are stupid and so the ones we select will be either those who truly are better, or those who tell us the most convincing lies.

Because people are stupid they will always do the wrong thing. They will always allow themselves to be tricked. Because people are evil, those who're put in charge will always look after their own concerns first and foremost and only afterwards will they bother themselves with doing their sworn duty, unless it's just too much bother for their inborn laziness to even be bothered with. These problems illustrate why it happens that time after time governments inevitably fall, only to rise again like a Sisyphean phoenix emerging once again from the dusty ashes of the latest failed regime.

Governments can never last, because no matter how carefully crafted and fairly a government starts out, over time it will become more and more unfair. Those in power will naturally draw to themselves more power and wealth, while those not in power will watch helplessly as their rights disappear and their wealth is plundered. At some point there always comes a day when the downtrodden will take no more. They will rise up and there will be a revolution. Sometimes the government puts down this nascent insurrection, and when they do it is usually brutally put down with the ring-leaders being thrown to the lions—either literally or figuratively. Sometimes the revolution is successful and when that happens, the old rulers are usually thrown to the lions...

After a successful revolution the ring-leaders get together and after lengthy argument and much debate they agree on what form the new government will take. New rulers are elected or selected and then put into power. Unfortunately after a while, these new rulers are guaranteed to do just as the old ones did. They will naturally make decisions that favor their family and friends. They will draw to themselves more power as naturally as a lodestone draws iron filings. They will accumulate more and more wealth and dole out little drabs and driblets to those of us who fawn and beg the most pleasingly and obsequiously. The ruled become like dogs begging scraps under the dinner table. Like dogs, we beggars under the table may be compelled to perform demeaning tricks. As we perform for our masters, we may be ordered to sit up, to shake hands, to speak, to roll over, and of course to play dead.

Barack Hussein Obama is the archetype of this, the ineluctable final outcome of the age-old power struggle between the rulers and the ruled. Obama is the last-straw paradigm. He is America's jumping the shark moment. He represents the end of the current democratic republic. It's either going to be a totally new government or Obama will consolidate his power and ruthlessly put down any whispers of insurrection. I won't be the first to tell you that Obama plans to continue being President past 2016, but I will add my voice to the growing outcry. Stupid people were tricked by one hell of a liar, twice!

Obama could never have done what he did without the connivance of a coterie of Hollywood idols who achieved their power not so much by virtue of talent, but because of luck or nepotism. So consider the American power structure revealed now as this: a background performer in a restaurant, a ragged bum playing guitar at the park, a person that you'd normally ignore or avoid has a stroke of luck and becomes famous, so now when he tells you to vote for Obama, you all aquiver pull the lever. Later Obama will throw a few scraps under the table to this pet-celebrity who performed as instructed.
And so it goes. Time makes fools of us all. Our only comfort is that greater shall come after us time after time.

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