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Sunday, January 6, 2013

In a game where no one loses, everyone loses

Yesterday my wife called me. She was going back and forth with her friends on Facebook. She was complaining about the liberal mainstream media and one of her Facebook "friends" coughed up this smelly nugget of wisdom: "There is no liberal media." My wife wanted to know how to get through to this sadly deluded friend of hers. I told her a few things to say, but I knew that it was futile, really. Opening this liberal's eyes will take a whole lot more than bouncing a few talking points off of the steel door of that closed-up concrete bunker of a mind. It would take a life-changing sort of Alice in Wonderland/Matrix dose of the Red-Pill

My wife wasn't always conservative. She's kind of like one of those ex-smokers who hate cigarettes more vehemently than anybody else on Earth, only instead of cursing the clouds of smoke in the air she rails at the fluffy-feel-good collectivist talking points stinking up every television channel, every radio station, every magazine and every newspaper in the country. She's like an ex-smoker in a world where everybody else thinks smoking is awesome, and moreover that people who don't are unbelievably stupid.

My wife is what I call a born-again conservative. Her eyes have finally been opened and today she gets it. She was never what you'd call a dyed-in-the-wool liberal like her mother is, but when I met her she still had that pseudo-liberal mindset that's impossible to avoid when you innocently grow up in this sick and immoral country and your state-dependent mother miserably fails to provide you with any kind of countervailing moral instruction. She certainly wasn't learning how to be diligent, hard-working, responsible, or Christian from her left-wing morally bankrupt parent.

The liberal mindset—if I could distill it down to its lowest common denominator—is this: It is the state's duty to make sure that nobody loses. In every competition, every person is supposed to win, every time. I know that this doesn't make any sense, how could it? But, in my opinion, that's what the liberal message is. Nobody should ever have to lose as long as we give the state the power to carry out this sacred duty.

Nobody should be poor. No business should fail. If the business you work for fails, the state should step in and prop it up, keep if from failing. If you lose your job, the state should step in and make the owner of the business re-hire you...with back pay of course. Or—if that proves impossible—then the state should step in and take over paying your wages itself, even though you are no longer working at all anymore. If you can't afford the basic necessities because you only work one part-time minimum wage job then the state should step in and give you rental assistance, food stamps, help paying your electric bill, your cable bill, and a free phone to boot.

If you're living at or below the poverty level then the state should do everything in its power to redistribute wealth from the rich who earned it, to you who didn't. That way nobody loses. The rich will still have enough money to pay for what they need, and you will be given everything that you need.
The government's definition of poverty is based on total income received. For example, the poverty level for 2012 was set at $23,050 (total yearly income) for a family of four. Most Americans (58.5%) will spend at least one year below the poverty line at some point between ages 25 and 75.
Apparently "poverty" in the United States, means rich beyond comprehension elsewhere in the world. That's what the liberals call a win-win. Everybody wins. Nobody loses. What a wonderful world!
You came here because you wanted to know the answer to a question.

The Matrix. What is the Matrix?

Twelve years ago I met a man, a great man, who said that no one could be told the answer to that question. That they had to see it, to believe it. He told me that no one should look for the answer unless they have to because once you see it, everything changes. Your life and the world you live in will never be the same. It's as if you wake up one morning and the sky is falling.

The truth is out there, Neo. It's looking for you and it will find you, if you want it to.
We are living in the Matrix. Our eyes are blinded to reality and we only see what they've programmed for us. We only hear what they've decided we should. Who are they? They are of course that thing which my wife's liberal Facebook friend doesn't believe exists. It's not just the media that is liberal, though. Our entire public educational system, along with almost all of our colleges and universities, is also unabashedly liberal. It's a perfect liberal storm that comes in from three directions: public educational system, media, and Democrats, and from that point is then whipped into a whirlwind of horrible howling feedback by the democrat-union-media feedback-circuit. There is—as far as I'm aware—no widely accepted appellation for this amorphous malignant liberal cancer. Perhaps the best combination of words which attempts to give a name to this axis of evil comes from the late Andrew Breitbart who named it: The Democrat-Media Complex.

Unfortunately, if there's one lesson we can take from the now common place idiom of "a perfect storm" it's that there's no returning from one. This axis of evil, this cancer has metastasized and it's fatal. I'm sorry. You're sorry. Everyone is sorry. Things change. People die. Even countries. Nothing is permanent. Weep at our loss, then dry your eyes, and carry on. Dark times lie ahead. We've all lost our bearings. We're lost in this dark sea and just because we're still afloat that doesn't change our ineluctable fate one iota. Take a deep breath. Let it out. Enjoy today. It really is a wonderful world.

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