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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Can John Kerry Top Hillary Clinton's Debacle in Benghazi?

We are sometimes confronted by something odious that we do our best to ignore. Maybe it's a dead cockroach on the office floor. Maybe it's a bum with his hand out. This morning it was on Google New's front page, and I found that even though I struggled mightily to ignore the headline, finally the compulsion to inspect this nugget of obscenity was just too much. The headline read: "Can John Kerry Top Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State." I thought to myself: holy crap I hope not!

But seriously, I knew what Peter Weber the author of this warm cupful of adoring puppy vomit was really going for. He sat down at his word processor and asked the question: how do I compare two sunrises? How can I ask the smell of warm rain on a summer day to compete with the smell of a field of flowering honeysuckle in the spring? If Zeus and Superman battled it out, who would come out come on top?

It's like Benghazi never happened. It's as though we weren't transferring military weaponry including assault rifles and stinger missiles to the same Al-Qaeda forces who are now using them to stage uprisings throughout Africa. Hillary Clinton's days holding the title of Secretary of State are arguably the most damaging that our country has ever faced. If lies, backstabbing, and outright treason are the measure of success then no, I don't see how it's possible for John Kerry to ever top Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.
The son of a U.S. diplomat, Kerry grew up "among the rubble of Berlin" and other locales in post–World War II Europe, so "he has diplomacy sewn into his DNA," says the AFP's Jo Biddle. And he has spent his entire 28 years in the Senate as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the last four as chairman, so he's no stranger to America's current challenges in the world or the foreign leaders he will now confront as the country's top diplomat. But "he has big shoes to fill." Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "has won accolades and the expansive title of 'the rock star diplomat' during her four years on the job." How will Kerry stack up against one of the most popular secretaries of state in modern times?
What a miserable pathetic hack this guy Peter Weber is. Really, it's people like him in the press who cause me to despair. I don't see how our nation can survive when people like him are allowed to publish a thousand words of saccharine sweet complete and utter bullshit like this.

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