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Sunday, January 27, 2013

At long last, is the honeymoon finally over?

This is a one of those iconic images that says it all. It represents something that I've been noticing lately. It's a turning point. You wouldn't have seen something like this a few months ago. More and more, it seems as though mainstream media is losing its star struck awe of Obama. We're actually seeing news regarding Obama that's no longer being spun as the Messiah speaking from on high. Does this fly picture signal that now that he's won the election he's fair game, that he can be criticized perhaps even ridiculed? It's probably too early to tell, and will perhaps depend on how well he focuses on what the progressive liberal media expects from him.

Martin Bashir—an unabashed progressive spinmeister who I'm sure you've come to despise perhaps as much as I do—has come far enough around on Obama that recently we were permitted to learn on his show that perhaps Obama has been the recipient of more soft-serve creampuff questions than most people are aware of.
Judges and attorneys have for at least the past fifty years been far to the left of mainstream working class Americans and so Obama's string of court victories both on Obama Care as well as immigration was virtually assured. Therefore it is with some surprise that we are told that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has unanimously ruled that Obama's NLRB recess appointments are unconstitutional. This decision is a startlingly clear rebuke to this ex-Constitutional Law Professor. It's a clear signal to Obama and the Whitehouse that they've overstepped their constitutional authority, that these unilateral decisions which infringe on the separation of powers had better cease, and that Obama had best get himself in check tout de suite

To me, Obama's apparent and sudden loss of popularity is a lot like those child stars that emerge suddenly and inexplicably, and depart just as suddenly and just as inexplicably. For however long they ride their wave of popularity they're feted and worshipped, but when the glamour and gold-dust starts to wear off, the journey to has-been status happens so quickly that it might as well be teleportation.

Is this going to be four years of bitter sour-grapes lame duck President Obama stymied at every turn? We can but only hope so. Obama's traditionally brazen attitude wherein he says and does whatever he wants while the media covers and runs interference could be a thing of the past. Did you notice how quickly the Beyonce lip syncing story got out there? The media not only didn't try to cover it up, they actually reported it. It was to me literally surreal. It's been more than four years since the mainstream media actually did any kind of investigative reporting and I had forgotten what that was like.

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