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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cannibalism Happens...

Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, wherever you're from, I'm afraid we're all in the same boat. Yes, this boat was mostly built by America, launched by America, and captained by America, but it's not one country's voyage, it's the voyage of us all. We the passengers are starting to become aware of the fact that after a non-stop party wherein both passengers and crew alike, indulged in gluttonous feasting and intemperate alcoholic consumption, somewhere along the way we've lost our course. We're all becoming aware of the fact that this boat—civilization itself—is now in completely uncharted waters. Now, it may be that you want to blame America or this person or that one for this, our situation, but you were there partying with the rest of us. You were there drinking the Kool-Ade just like everyone else. Climb down off your hobby-horse and get a whiff of your own stink before you start pointing any fingers.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

That prayer is the one that they recite at Alcoholic Anonymous in every meeting, so perhaps it's appropriate to offer now. It's appropriate now that we're all starting to sober up and realize where we've come to, which is nowhere recognizable. This desolate location would be recognizable to civilizations which no longer exist, but not to us, today.

You've probably experienced that uncomfortable feeling of being lost before. If there are stores and gas stations around then it's no big deal, but that uncomfortable lost feeling is a lot more frightening when there's nothing in sight but miles and miles of nothing at all. Trust me when I tell you that being lost with no gas-station in sight is even scarier when that fuel gauge needle is on empty. Imagine, if you can, how much more frightening it would be if you heard your engine's final sputter happen not on some desolate road, but lost in one of the biggest deserts of them all, the middle of the ocean. Wake up my fellow travelers. Wake up and smell the ship's last cup of coffee. If you think it looks bad today—really bad?—in my own humble opinion fellow traveler, you ain't seen nothing, yet...

Right now everyone is arguing about whose fault it is. One clear and concise accusation can be found at American Thinker.
The Case Against Public Education:
If public education is allowed to survive, all efforts to resuscitate the inert husk of modern civilization will fail. It is time to unravel the most wasteful and destructive entitlement program of all. Cancer cells do not divide into healthy cells. A corrupted, power-intoxicated political class will not willingly raise a freedom-loving, self-reliant populace. Governments must no longer be allowed to pre-determine their nations' fates, by mass producing the populace that serves their interests.
I think Daren Jonescu the author of that article has a valid point; there are some things that a central government shouldn't try to do. In my opinion a perfect government would be like the fire-department. They'd sit around doing nothing until there was a fire somewhere to be put out. The government would be there to handle emergencies and hostile foreign incursions, and the rest of the time we wouldn't notice them. All other needs of our society could be handled by the private sector using the lubricant of free-enterprise and fueled by a spirited working class living on hope and prayer and everyone realizing that it is only through work, hope, and prayer that the American dream can be realized.

There are many things that the government has no business trying to do. One of those things is going into business for itself. In an earlier post I mentioned the inherent inefficiency of the United States Postal Service. It is inefficient and will always be inefficient because it was designed by bureaucrats in committee. It is inefficient because there was never any pressure put on it to become self-sufficient and to start turning a profit. When the Postal Service doesn't turn a profit and instead runs billion dollar deficits, they just turn around and get the money to keep going from the state.
A 1976 New Yorker cartoon expressed what could be the Postal Service's new motto, "Neither lethargy, indifference, nor the general collapse of standards will prevent these couriers from eventually delivering some of your mail."(63) The Postal Service has a monopoly so that it can be a "public service," but its very monopoly status destroys its incentive to serve the public. The Postal Service's standard for mail delivery appears to be to provide the minimal service short of provoking a public riot or cessation of the postal monopoly.
I could keep going and going, offering up example after example of things the central government shouldn't be doing but is doing, nevertheless. It's why we've arrived at the place where we are, the middle of nowhere. Look around, as you flip through hundreds of channels of nothing much of anything. Look around as you drive along, while people—on the day before Christmas?—honk at you and flip you the bird because you were going faster than they were, slower than they were, some other direction than they were, or maybe even had a bumper-sticker they didn't agree with...etc. Listen as your children come home from school and they tell you that there's no such thing as God, that God's a myth and that the Universe was created by the Big Bang. Look around as you wait in line at the grocery store and realize that not only are you the only one paying for your own food—everyone else has one of those American Flag food-stamp cards—yes, you're paying for everyone else's food, too.

The party's over but meanwhile the band is still playing. The party's over but meanwhile the crew is still dancing in a conga line. The party's over but the captain has the boat turning circles on autopilot meanwhile he's playing golf on the ship's built-in golf course. In answer to passenger fears he has this to say: Did you get your coffee and breakfast bagel? What's your problem? You ought to be grateful.

Meanwhile, shipboard law-enforcement is searching passenger cabins for any firearms that may have been smuggled aboard. Meanwhile, Cruise hospice caretakers are quietly dumping their charges off the side. Meanwhile, shipboard community organizers are compiling lists of who does—and who doesn't—go with the flow. They need to identify and isolate the troublemakers first, make sure they don't cause a panic, make sure they pay their fair share. When the food stores are finally exhausted, the passengers and crew are going to get hungry. The pound of flesh which the Captain will demand of these troublemakers is dearly bought. 'Tis his and he will have it, because you know...when zombies run the ship sooner or later cannibalism happens.

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