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Friday, November 30, 2012

Who's afraid of the big bad

The White population is about 223,553,265. That comprises about 72% of the total population of the United States which is 308,745,538. There are approximately 6,555,000 white families using foodstamps. As a foodstamp-using demographic, whites consume 35% of the available foodstamps totaling 18,369,000 foodstamp using families overall. Putting this in a way that's easy to visualize, imagine that there is one big food-stamp pizza to split between ten people. This pizza has twenty slices. Seven of those ten people are white. Each white person gets one slice. That's 35% of the pie. This leaves the remaining 13 slices of this big old pizza pie for the three non-whites to gorge down.

The final insult is of course that these three non-white pizza-piggies who snorked down two-thirds of the pizza didn't even chip in for it at all. If your coworkers organized a lunch like this one, I bet you'd never want to have another one. Then again, it looks like 11 out of twenty of you would agree to that deal day-after-day for the last four years and the next four years, too.

Oh yeah, and don't even get me started on what's happening with the bread-sticks and hot-wings! Where's the Big-Bad-Wolf when you really need him?

h/t Fuzzy Logic

Sources: USDA and Wikipedia

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