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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I have a riddle for you.

Most religions recognize the duality of man. We have a right and a left side. We see the world from two different perspectives simultaneously. These dual images are miraculously blended together within our own mind and this gives us an incredible perception of depth. For every man there is a woman. In every life we experience both pleasure and pain. We are both good at times and at other times evil. We are both selfish and generous. We love and we hate. Finally, there is our faith. We believe in God and so we also believe that there is his arch-enemy, the Devil. We who believe in God—and are proud to profess that belief—are ironically ashamed to profess our equally existing belief in Satan. If you believe in God then you must by simple logic believe in the Devil. Satan exists and he exerts his influence in this world just as God does.

Look around you at this nation that was once great. We who believe in God suffered a grievous defeat just a few days ago when Obama was reelected. Our chances as a surviving nation are now much slimmer. Look around you and you will see millions out of work. Look around you and you will see half the country living at the expense of the other half. This is wealth redistribution on a massively destructive scale and it would have been unthinkable a scant hundred years ago. How have we so quickly, fallen so far? If you believe good people can be influenced by the Son of God, can you not also believe that evil people can similarly be influenced by the Son of Satan?

I'm going to paint you a picture of a thousand words. I'm forced to leave one critical part of the canvas blank. That's one of the rules. I don't know why the rules are this way, I just know that you either follow these strange rules or you deeply regret it. I will tell you that the part of the picture that I'm not allowed to paint will lead you inevitably to the answer to my riddle.

Picture a parlor. You see two comfortable chairs and between them a small table. On this table rests a game board. This board represents our world. It's a flat kind of thing to represent our world but never mind that; it's merely a representation. The pieces on this board are also merely representations.

On one side of this flat board you see a King and you see a Queen—Jesus and the Virgin Mary. There are Bishops and there are Knights. Off to one side of the board are two block shaped buildings. They represented many things to many people. To me they represented the works of mankind. They are twin towers that contained man's laws, languages, customs, and creations. Before they were lost these two towers once held this entire flat representation of Earth between them from one side of the Earth all the way around to the other side. The remaining pieces are pawns. It is this side that made the very first move of the game.

The other side of this board looks completely different. There is a blank space where you would expect to find the king. You must merely assume that the king is there on that spot, because this king cannot be depicted by a game piece or token. That would threaten idolatry! Instead of a Queen there is a pawn. There are no women on this side of the game board. To the player on this side, women are less than pawns and thus have no place in the game. Other than the faceless king, this entire side of the board is completely filled with pawns ... a vast army of pawns to be sacrificed one after the next. If you guess the name of the king then you'll learn the name of The Enemy.

Sitting in one chair of the parlor—if you were righteous enough to ever raise your eyes even high enough to gaze on his feet—you would see your creator. In the other chair slouches the malevolent enemy of God. His arm pulls back. His move has just been made. He is the great deceiver. His followers preach sermons of lies, envy, greed, and sloth and they are pulling this—the greatest country that civilization has ever known—apart at the seams. You call this evil nemesis by a variety of names but remember that his name is a lie. There are some coincidences that are just too magnificent for words. His name is a lie.

If you've been paying attention to this game, you'll have seen some craftily evil moves by The Enemy. When his lies were successful in causing the Supreme Court—the once-upon-a-time ultimate arbiter of justice—to banish the Word of God from the curriculum taught to our children, his unholy army of pawns began to swell hugely! If you listen, you might be able to hear the Dark One's unholy glee and mirthful laughter at the success of his lies. His lies have caused a permanent ghetto of dependents unable to understand that somehow in spite of all their victories they are still slaves. This time the chains that enslave them are around their minds. This time the crack of the whip is the television turning on.

Half of the country has traded freedom for bread and circuses—food stamps and television. It's enough to make me weep. Schools are no longer places where the ignorant are taught, they're instead where we send the helpless for indoctrination training into a system of dependency on the state for every need. America didn't just wind up in the shambles that it is by accident. It's very intentional and quite diabolical, and by the way—Everything is going like clockwork.

One final thought for you who are beginning to feel the hopelessness of an impossible position: God isn't just playing the game. He made the game. He made the rules. He made all the pieces. He even made the slouching liar sitting in the other chair. If you think he's going to lose, then you haven't looked deeply enough. God made the very first move and he'll make the very last one, too.

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