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Monday, November 5, 2012

Cautiously Optimistic vs. Zombie Apocalypse

I'm upbeat today. I have this feeling that it's going to be a Romney blow-out. The reason for that feeling is because all the "evidence" that points to the contrary—all the polls that seemingly suggest Obama is going to win—are administered, promoted, and announced by the same mainstream news media that has failed to report on Benghazi, or Fast & Furious. Whether it's ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, or Reuters that has the latest poll figures, the fact that they are no longer reputable news sources means that their testimony can't be trusted. They are now discredited newsists. At some point the mainstream media has ceased reporting the news and today instead attempts to define their desired narrative. The MSM no longer asks: "what happened?" instead they ask: "what do we want the people to believe?"

In casual discussion with a colleague I discovered that I was somewhat ignorant of the complete mechanics of the Presidential voting process. My friend was researching what would happen in the event of a tie in the electoral college and the law as laid out in the Constitution was not exactly what I had believed to be the case. Yes, the House of Representatives is the representative body that decides who wins the Presidency in the event of an electoral college tie. (Each state gets exactly one vote. It's not a simple majority) What I didn't know—and you probably didn't know either—is that if this happens then the Senate gets to choose the Vice President! How's that for wacky? Hopefully the Romney win will be clear-cut, because the last thing America needs is another Florida-like voting debacle, with recount after recount and lawsuits filed by the bucketful.

Like I said though, I'm upbeat, cautiously optimistic. The thing that has me a little worried however is what happens afterwards. What happens if in spite of the mainstream media's year long non-stop narrative building of Obama as the inevitable winner, somehow he loses? For people who get their news and form their opinions on world events by watching mainstream media this will simply be incomprehensible. Regardless of all the evidence to the contrary, these mainstream media content consumers will simply not be able to accept the outcome. Vote tampering whether real or imagined will provide a logical alternative to the complete collapse of their cognitive dissonance framework. The groundwork in this regard has already been done.

Allow me to connect the dots for you:

  1. Every major news provider has been stumping for President Obama for upwards of an entire year.
  2. Literally thousands of polls helpfully provided by the mainstream media Obama Campaign have consistently shown that Obama is clearly favored by more people than Romney.
  3. Voting irregularities have been in the news constantly and the "Bush Stole the election" meme has been lurking—a furious howling storm of resentment—within the liberal psyche for near on twelve years now. Only an Obama reelection will be accepted without argument by the class of people who depend on wealth redistribution as their only means of support.
  4. On a variety of online social media sites—especially Twitter and Facebook—there has been a surprisingly massive torrent of threatening pronouncements which all follow the formula: If Romney wins they plan to start a riot. Often these threats reference one or more of the very same wealth redistribution programs that these self-proclaimed riot-organizers fear Romney threatens to take from them such as food stamps and welfare.
  5. Obama has consistently championed international law vs. national. From bowing to Saudi Kings to leading from behind, to allowing the United Nations to come in and "Observe" the election, he's proven that he cares little for the idea of United States sovereignty, and positively holds his nose when confronted with that most odious of concepts: American exceptionalism.
  6. Thousands of polls can't be wrong. Neither can thousands of violent protesters. From martial law to the United Nations oversight of another election, the possibilities are the stuff of nightmares. Where will it end? I know one thing that most people have forgotten. The '92 Los Angeles riots were successful in causing the Federal courts to reopen what should have been the jury's final decision. Look up double jeopardy if you want to know why this was clearly illegal:
    Nine police officers from the LAPD who took part in the incident were tried in the Los Angeles County Superior Court for their conduct during the incident, and the case was given a change of venue to Simi Valley, in Ventura County. Three of the police officers were acquitted, and the jury failed to reach a verdict regarding the fourth police officer. The acquittals are generally considered to have triggered the 1992 Los Angeles riots, in which 53 people were killed, and over two thousand were injured. The riots ended after soldiers from the United States Army National Guard, along with United States Marines from nearby Camp Pendleton, California, were called in to assist local authorities and quell the riots.

    The United States federal government, through the United States District Court for the Central District of California, stepped in and held a federal trial for civil rights violations, ending with two of the police officers found guilty, and subsequently imprisoned. The other two officers were acquitted.
If the idea of a howling mob of mindless rioters breaking things, stealing things, shooting, setting buildings on fire, pulling innocent bystanders out of their vehicles and crushing their skulls with cinderblocks—Brains!—screaming, chanting, waving signs, chasing victims who flee in terror...if this sounds like another remake of Night of the Living Dead...well a word to the wise might be in order. Perhaps taking some elementary precautions might be a sagacious decision. Lumber store for two-by-fours in case barricading is necessary. Fire extinguishers, emergency food and water supplies laid by, weapons checked, cleaned, and ample ammunition stockpiled. Don't forget plenty of alcohol—both as an antibacterial agent and for recreational purposes. This could get ugly, and it could go on for quite a while. We live in interesting times, I'll say that for sure.

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