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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Democrats and Doppelgängers

I nearly had an involuntary spit-take moment this morning while reading the news. That's when you're drinking your morning coffee and you see something so improbable—in this case so asinine—that your gasp of amazement and subsequent inhalation of coffee is the cause of a lengthy and violent coughing spasm, with coffee droplets flying literally everywhere, and the sticky ruination of yet another keyboard.

Now it's Joe Biden who's the Happy Warrior? How absolutely and completely shameless the Democrats are! They're trying to steal Breitbart's sobriquet as the Happy Warrior. But that's what they do isn't it. There's nothing at all surprising in this. They took the traditional blue color that Republicans held for decades, and they left us with commie-red. Oh the irony! They also took from Republicans the legitimate mantle of emancipators and equal rights champions, and put it on like a kid wearing daddy's old suit. They look ridiculous and don't even know it.

It is the Republicans who have always championed equality, this was as true in Lincoln's time as it is today. It was the Democrats who were the party of slavery. It was the Democrats who were the party of segregation. When the Democrats realized in the 60's that the national opinion on civil rights had changed radically by 180 degrees, they didn't change their opinions on race. No they haven't changed their opinion on that. The Democrats to this day are undoubtedly the most racist people on the planet.

But now they've taken upon themselves the risible mantle of the all-knowing racial atoners for white guilt. I was born in '67. My parents taught me that the "N" word was worse than the "F" word. I never mistreated anyone or looked down on anyone because of their race. I have no white guilt. Hey Democrats—you will never ever make me feel guilty for something that you did.

When I drive through vast sections of Memphis, a city with a somewhat reprehensible record on civil rights, I am unfortunately a witness to the consequences of years and years of one-party rule by Democratic mayors—the worst of which was Mayor Willie Herenton who maintained a stranglehold on Memphis for nearly 16 years. As a direct result, today Memphis holds the dubious distinction of being the 2nd most dangerous city in the country. We were narrowly defeated for that honor by—of course—Detroit.

When you go around asking people are you better off? Under Obama's policies are you better off than you were four years ago? Why not go a little bit further. Black people, are you better off? After more than fifty years of Democratic party atonement for the injustice of slavery and then segregation, are you better off? After years of welfare and foodstamps and affirmative action, how are you doing? You don't have to answer that. I can look out of my car window and see it for myself.

Now to rub a little salt into our wounds, the final injustice, they're trying to take the sobriquet of our Tea Party Patron Saint Andrew Breitbart and give it to that obnoxious overtalking boor, Joe Biden. This must not stand! Fight back! Brietbart is the Happy Warrior, not some overtalking boorish boob named Biden!

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