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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

America are you really content with bread and circuses?

The moronic things people say when they are caught unprepared by a reporter are just amazing to me. A reporter—accompanied by his video camera toting sidekick—has the ability to evoke the most startlingly doltish statements from the average innocent bystander. It must be said that there are among us those who're completely clueless, those who've haplessly stumbled through four years of high school and sometimes even college and yet somehow they never actually learned anything at all. Here's a short list of YouTube links. As an American I'm by turn amused, appalled, and embarrassed at the evident stupidity of my fellow countrymen. Warning, this might be painful for you to watch: This was all done in fun, but there is a serious side to this. Most people will just shrug this off and say: well sure, of course there are lots of stupid people out there, lots of uninformed clueless people who don't actually know very much about the world. How ironic it is that many of the same people saying this, are likely to themselves also be embarrassingly uninformed.

If you're an American citizen, how much do you know about our country? Could you pass the same test that an immigrant from anywhere else in the world must pass to become an American Citizen? Could you pass a US citizenship test?

Yes the test is very annoying the way you have to keep clicking "next" and waiting for page loads. CSM should definitely redesign it. Well, how'd you do? If you did well, great! Don't get cocky. If you didn't do so well, at least now you know. Do something about that.

People know a lot more about subjects that they're interested in, than they do about those they're not. If you asked me about sports or reality TV, I'd sound like somebody in one of these YouTube videos above. It's boring to me. If you asked me about celebrities and their relationships, I wouldn't have a clue because frankly I couldn't possibly care any less about celebrities and their absurd overly dramatic highly publicized rag-sheet scandal relationships. I don't think it makes me un-American to not care about baseball, nor does it make me gay or any less of a man because I'm not rooted to a couch on a Football Sunday.

When it comes to facts, I like mine mostly from history and science books and not much from sports almanacs or celebrity magazines. Most people would probably relate more to the words from the first set of lyrics below than from my own version below it.

Don't know much about history,
Don't know much biology.
Don't know much about a science book,
Don't know much about the French I took.

Don't know much about Angeline Jolie,
Don't know much about Oh-pra Win-fer-ee,
Don't know much about a Tampa Bay Buc,
Don't know much about a Hell's Kitchen Cook.

The point is, that when it's you who's holding the microphone, and it's you who gets to ask the question, and just because it's you who already knows the answer doesn't mean it's you who's smarter than the guy who doesn't.

With that said, I'm still appalled at the incredible ignorance of the voting public. It just doesn't seem fair that completely uninformed clueless ignorant...let it just be said...retards are allowed to make a decision that so directly affects my life and this country that I love. So why are people so endlessly fascinated by utterly meaningless trivia and so indifferent to reality and simple facts? Maybe that's the plan?

The Media-Government Complex that successfully kept us fat, stupid, and complacent for the last half of a century has since 2008 completely overplayed its hand. People across this country are starting to wake up. They're looking at what schools are teaching their children. They're looking at the crushing mountain of debt we're faced with. They're looking at the appalling and deteriorating situation in the Mid East, and the looming ever-more serious threat we face on two fronts from both Russia and China.

America this is your wakeup call! We get this one last chance to set things right. Or we could just turn on a football game suck down a six-pack and then go back to sleep. What do you think?

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