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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everything is going like clockwork

The power to tax is the power to destroy. Taxation sets up a false dichotomy. Most people think that you have only two options, that of paying taxes or watching your assets be seized and sold at auction. There is a third option. You can simply leave. A savvy person or organization could simply take what they have—lock stock and barrel—and go, and they will! As the most successful flee, the outright failures will demand ever-more wealth from the ever less-successful remaining taxpayers who lack the wealth and resources to flee for themselves.

Why does our government punish success and reward failure? Can you imagine a successful casino comping the penny slot players and ignoring the high-stakes craps table? The idea is absurd. Can you imagine that parents would be successful in raising well-behaved civilized and productive adults if they punished the child who makes good grades by loading him down with extra chores, while rewarding the child who gets bad grades by granting him extra video-game time?

We intuitively understand reward and punishment. These two tools of operant conditioning are used on a daily basis by every person in every walk of life. Whether it be a pleasant good morning and a cheerful smile in response to a held-open door, or the strident honk of a car-horn in response to a rude or reckless motorist's driving strategy, we reward what we want more of and punish what we want less of.

This is true everywhere for everything, except of course when it comes to taxation. Our government punishes financial success with higher taxes, but worse, it uses various strategies such as welfare, food stamps, assorted grants and the Earned Income Tax Credit to reward financial failure. A liberal will never admit this to you, or even perhaps to himself that what I've just said is the truth.

If you could ever pin a liberal down long enough to really debate our system of taxation what you'd hear would be an unending stream of fallacies. You'd never once hear a logical refutation of the above assertion. You'd hear emotional sob-stories about the poor lady who lives down the lane. You'd hear nonsensical soundbites about how rich people ought to just be grateful we even allow them to be rich in the first place, since they're using our roads and our employees educated in our schools, protected by our police and our various other government services. The debating Democrat would question your intelligence. He'd demean your level of education. He'd erect armies of strawmen and then try to change the subject. What he would never do is defend our system of taxation on its merits, because it has none.

It's a fact. Our government's fiscal policies which include taxation and government spending uniformly and without fail punish success and reward failure. No it's not a just a mistake, and it's not merely insane. If it was insanity or stupidity that would imply that things are not going according to plan, but nothing could be further from the truth; everything is going exactly according to plan. The most successful businesses are fleeing to China.

If you thought that the monumentally terrible situation in the mid-east was an unending litany of miscues, errors in judgment, and mistakes made by a bumbling fool who should never have set foot in the Oval Office, then you've forgotten how he got there in the first place. If you wondered how a once bankrupt and impotent Russian Empire has once again regained top-billing on the world's stage, wonder no more. Everything is going according to plan.

If you can't figure out how we arrived at 16 trillion dollars of debt, it's because that was the plan all along. If you never heard about the now nationwide wave of black flash mobs using smart-phones and social-networking to spontaneously converge on a particular commercial location and immediately begin looting property and viciously attacking any white bystanders found there, and then astoundingly not a peep of this astounding news is heard outside of the immediate area where it happened, then you haven't been paying attention. Everything is going like clockwork.

The same idiots keep getting elected even though they keep raising taxes, even though our public schools keep getting worse despite the billions of dollars we keep shoveling into them. Whole cities are going bankrupt with whole states—such as California and Illinois—soon to follow. That's the plan.

What plan? The plan to destroy America using every available resource, from every possible direction, including from the inside. Whose plan? There's a short list headed by China and Russia. Why? Honestly I think the only reason is because misery loves company.

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