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Monday, March 28, 2011

Illegal Immigration and Importation

According to the 2010 Census, Hispanics in this country are now 16 percent of the population. While that figure may not surprise you, it should certainly raise some questions. The growth of the Hispanic population accounts for more than half of the entire nation's growth in the past decade. This massive growth of 43% in only ten years is really quite spectacular. I would be impressed by the apparently amazing fertility of Hispanics except of course for one big question. The question that might be on your mind right now―certainly on mine―is whether this growth was achieved by birth or by illegal immigration? The white population by contrast, grew at the very modest rate of less than 1%. It doesn't take a math whiz to figure out that if this continues, the Hispanic population will be the majority in about 30 years.

Should you and I be troubled by this? Hispanics are hard working and never balk at taking the backbreaking and uncomfortable jobs that many of us would turn our noses up at doing. Furthermore, competing with China in the future as it begins to fully modernize into a manufacturing leviathan will be very difficult when China's workers labor for five dollars per day. Notice that I said per day and not per hour. This might lead us to believe that illegal immigrants are not such a bad thing. Certainly there are many Americans who have profited from hiring illegal immigrants. Many of these same Americans pay lip service to stopping illegal immigration but continue to stymie any realistic measures to stop the flood of illegals from crossing our southern border.

George W. Bush was in my opinion a good president. He rallied the nation after September 11, and he went after terrorists where they lived as no other president has done, before or after. However, President Bush may have been in favor of illegal immigration. Certainly he was in favor or loosening the already slack restrictions on immigration currently in place. Bush proposed a “Guest Worker Program” which would have allowed illegals an opportunity to obtain a guest worker card, much like a green card. This card—renewable every three years—would make an illegal immigrant a “guest,” and allow them to participate fully in the processes of American free enterprise, i.e. jobs and taxes. This Guest Worker Program was a part of the 2007 immigration reform bill which was not approved by Congress.

The problem of illegal immigration is fully evident in troubled Arizona where clashes with the Mexican drug cartels have resulted in murders and even beheadings as the cartels begin to assert themselves as a force not to be trifled with. When Arizona passed a tough new law which might have produced significant results and might even have caused the deportations of some illegals, liberals in a snit threw a nationwide fit. With the full power of the White House on his side, Barack Obama decreed that Arizona would not inhibit the unlawful immigration of Hispanics into this country—and into Arizona for that matter.

Two Presidents, one staunch conservative and one far-left liberal―both apparently in favor of illegal immigration―what are we left to believe? It is my opinion that illegal immigration is not really a left vs. right disagreement. Which side an individual takes in this debate really depends on whether they stand to benefit or not by the tsunami of illegals that’ve flooded our country. I understand the self-interest motive, but it's time to take a longer view. A patriot would take a longer view. A concerned parent would take a longer view, since it's the children who must live with the decisions of their short-sighted parents.

Unfortunately it is impossible to separate the illegal immigrants who want to work real jobs for real wages and the ones who are already working for the Mexican drug cartels.

As a concerned parent I have a few questions: Will my children live in a country where the predominant language is Spanish? Will my children live in a country which is terrorized―as it is in Mexico―by vicious drug cartels, where beheadings are used as calling cards and the political process has been subverted by a posse of cocaine merchants?

Whether we can stop illegal immigration is one question our leaders must answer. A bigger question is what to do about the illegal drugs flooding our nation. The power of the Mexican drug cartels was granted to them by the United States of America in 1915 with the passage of the Harrison Narcotic Tax Act. Since then, tougher and tougher laws have further restricted and penalized the importation, sale, and possession of a variety of mood altering substances. And the result has been more prisons more police more lawyers more judges, and more campaign contributions to more politicians. Moreover, it has also resulted in the unstoppable power of the Mexican and Columbian drug cartels. Just as Prohibition gave rise to the organized crime syndicate known as the Mafia, the restrictions on narcotics have given rise to the drug cartels.

Do you habla Español yet? Me neither; maybe we'd better start taking some classes.

Friday, March 18, 2011

An Educational Revolution is Coming

With the hullabaloo in Wisconsin, and most recently the liberal activism by Judge Maryann Sumi, some of us are becoming fed up with public school teachers and especially with their unions. Conservatives across the country are getting really very angry, furious, steamed. We are sick and tired, just sick and tired of the unholy marriage of Unions and Democrats. This match made in hell has spawned an evil brood of corrupt liberal politicians, double-dealing union leaders, and crushing public debt.

It seems as though a simple majority vote by the legislature is just not good enough for the Democrats, and the only decision the public sector unions will accept is total submission and acceptance of their plan to gorge themselves at the government trough until the end of days. They don't care how expensive it is, and they don't care how monstrously overwhelming the government debt has become because of their greed.

The Democrats are predicting a negative opinion backlash against the Republicans who passed the recent law which stripped public teacher unions of their collective bargaining privileges in Wisconsin. The liberal media machine has been very busy parroting this particular spin. Disingenuous and flawed surveys supporting this leftist theory are flooding the airwaves; meanwhile internet bloggers both left and right leaning are finding plenty to write about. If you only watch television or read a newspaper, you've only heard from the liberals in this on-going debate

I ask you, which political party has been dominant in the media for the last fifty years? If you turned on your television or your radio, or if you went to see a movie, or if you unfolded a newspaper or flipped through the pages of a magazine in the past fifty years, you were thoroughly bombarded with the liberal point of view. Then something amazing happened. It was a revolution caused by an incredible new innovation. The Internet had arrived and anyone who wanted to could become an instant journalist. For the first time in many decades a conservative point of view had become available to anyone who wanted to hear it, read it, or talk about it.

In the past, the normal way to gain an education has been to go to a public school. Very few American families can afford to send their children to private schools which offer superior educational opportunities, and somehow over the past fifty years―perhaps entirely accidentally―the public school system just happened to become dominated by the left-wing. Liberals in their millions became public school teachers. A child grew up watching liberal television during his free time and spent the rest of his day attending a liberal school system. They went after our children. They couldn't change us so they decided to go after our kids. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want to, but was it really an accident that liberals came to dominate the two enterprises which just happen to influence children the most?

The Internet has broken the monopoly that the left has until now held on the media. Look for this same powerful force to break the monopoly the left now holds on education. Conservative forces are now at work across the nation which will shake loose the stranglehold that unions hold on teachers and on our children. Once this difficult task has finally been accomplished, I expect the quality of teachers to drastically improve. More importantly, I expect that the Internet and computers will play a bigger and bigger role in teaching our children more efficiently and more thoroughly.

With the next generation of sophisticated smart computers, many amazing things will become possible. You may have watched the Super Computer called “Watson” defeat the former Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. While this was an incredible demonstration, to me it was only a glimmer of the incredible possibilities that I saw. Who needs a crappy left-wing teacher with all the propaganda and socialist baggage that comes with it? Who wants to see their children exposed to drugs and violence and pregnancy before they're even old enough to defend themselves from it? In the past the only options other than public school were expensive private schools or home schooling―which is just not feasible for most parents since many homes have both parents working, and most parents aren't trained in teaching methods, or they're not detail oriented enough―or maybe like me they just don't have the patience.

Intelligent computers change everything. In the future, professional teachers will become obsolete. Instead of expensive teachers, students will learn at home or stay with private caretakers who will offer computer consoles and lunch at comparatively low cost. Your child will be privately tutored in the most efficient way possible to learn as fast as he or she is capable, and this highly effective tutor will be completely electronic and, hopefully, unbiased.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Google Monopoly

A monopoly will arise whenever it is given that chance. It will arise and then immediately begin to abuse its lone position of power in the most egregious displays of profiteering imaginable.

If you doubt that greedy business owners will not move to strangle competition whenever they get the chance, you need only pay for admission to a movie theatre or a sporting event. Once this admission has been paid and you are safely ensconced within the protected walls of these entertainment venues, you will notice various goods for sale at grossly inflated prices. Further, you will notice prominently displayed signs informing everyone that outside food and drinks are not allowed on the premises. First they charge you to get in, and then they forbid you from bringing any refreshments of your own on their property. This is a monopoly situation. Once they have created this artificial monopoly, they jack up their prices to obscene levels. It really should be illegal. This is unapologetic price gouging at its worst. However, it must be said that you are certainly free to watch a DVD on your own couch and munch on your grocery store bought popcorn.

No such freedoms exist for Google users. Google has become a world dominating monopoly. The average Google user has no idea that Google is a monopoly and furthermore, that they are actively providing valuable information to Google free of charge. Google is sort of a giant Big Brother Yellow Pages. It not only provides users with information about where to find what they are looking for, it also provides businesses with information about what customers are looking for, what they click, where they go, what they see, and even what they finally purchase. If you have a web based business and you're not doing business with Google, I bet you're not doing business at all.

Not content to merely dominate search, Google has begun to release dangerous monopoly enhancing products such as Google's Chrome Web browser, Google Chrome OS, and the Android mobile operating system. When these products gain full market saturation, Google search will become even more the de rigueur search product of the world. With its incredibly vast purchasing power, it recently gobbled up DoubleClick. This was a natural target for Google since it aligns so perfectly with its advertising business model. With this acquisition, they are poised to completely monopolize advertising on the web.

Make no mistake, you lovers of all things Google, that in the months and years to come, you'll pay more than you ever imagined for your free Google use today. How do you think web businesses will pay for their hugely expensive advertising budgets? They'll pay, by jacking up the prices for the goods and services they sell to you.

One final thought about a company that literally owns the internet...They have the ability to make or break any web based company. You don’t want to piss them off. You could become dead and buried on page five-thousand. Your website might never be visited again.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

They're going crazy!

Peter King is beginning a series of hearings on March 09, 2011, that could possibly expose the seething verminous multitude of radical Muslims currently infesting our great nation. The liberals don't like this. Shut Peter King down, quick!—before he tells us all something we don't want to know. Their position is that extremist Muslims are only one of the many extremist groups that pose a danger to our country and that singling Muslims out is misguided. They call this McCarthyism, and they want to put a stop to it, and right now.

McCarthy pointed his finger accusingly at the guilty communists infesting the government state department and further he imputed that it was the Democrats in power who had willfully aided and abetted this Soviet spy invasion. The Democrats in turn, cranked up their monolithic propaganda machine, employing all the power of the major networks and Hollywood to smear and discredit Joseph McCarthy. This slander of an American patriot has continued unabated for more than half a century.

McCarthyism is the opposite of politically correct. When you are playing the game of politically correct, you pretend that everyone thinks the same way that you do, and wants the same things you do. You make believe that everyone on Earth―with the exception of Republicans of course―are all wonderful people who just want to all get along. You ignore any inconvenient correlations, and all those amazing coincidences. And you never, never, never profile.

Profiling is the process of narrowing down and focusing in on a group that is most likely to contain within it the culprit. It is this process that pulls the fulminating left-wing critics out of the woodwork in their thousands. Critics call profiling misguided and racist. In spite of these claims that profiling is wrong and racist and of no practical value, insurance agencies use this same profiling as a critical mathematical science every day in the course of doing business.

Without their risk profilers―called actuaries―insurance companies could not even exist. It's perfectly acceptable to target smokers, and those who're grossly overweight, and charge them much more for their premiums. It's also perfectly acceptable for an actuary to classify an individual based on his age, his sex, and even his race when calculating his life-insurance premium. Everyone understands that this is just smart business. However, mass hysteria and angry denunciation are the result when a police officer―who profiles in identical fashion to an actuary―decides to investigate a suspicious individual who fits the profile of a drug dealer, pimp, burglar, or car thief.

Now, I'm going to step beyond the pale of politically correct and make an accusation. This accusation is the same one made by Peter King. The terrorists who are engaging in unbridled war against us are all Muslims. Every single one! I'm not going to follow the usual politically correct formula, and assure you that the ones not blowing us up are all good, kind, peaceful and loving patriots who'd never hurt a fly, because I don't believe it. Since the events that occurred on September 11, 2001, as of today, March 09, 2011, there have been 16,915 terrorist attacks committed by Muslims. At the top of my blog is a widget that shows the exact number of terrorist attacks committed as the days go by. You can click on this résumé of atrocity and discover [what when and where.] You should by now, already know who and why.

I, for one, am very grateful that we have at least one patriot in Washington who doesn’t have his head willfully buried in the sand of political correctness, or―as is often the case for the left-wing―shoved up a place quite a bit more unsavory.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Two different days I spent flying the friendly skies

When I was six years old, I flew on Delta Airlines from Augusta Georgia to Memphis Tennessee to visit my grandparents for the Christmas holidays. My parents were unable to go with me, as they had unavoidable responsibilities connected to their respective careers. Delta treated me like a king. I had constant attention from the stewardesses and was gifted with a deck of cards and a couple of plastic Delta airplanes, and was even allowed to briefly visit the cockpit and speak with the pilots of the plane. At the plane change in Atlanta, I was escorted to a lounge where I was given a coke to drink while I waited for my connecting flight. Along the course of my trip I was served a nice lunch, and of course, all the sodas I wanted. All in all it was a very enjoyable trip, and was even more fun than I had expected it would be.

Fast forward thirty-seven years, and things are a little different. With vastly more flights and more people than had been the case thirty-seven years earlier, the skies may be friendly but there is considerably less congeniality down on the ground. Before my trip from Memphis Tennessee to Boise Idaho, I went seven days without shaving. It was my theory that if I looked like a person who might be a follower of a certain prophet I would receive preferential treatment and would be excused from having to do the hokey pokey dance in front of the nude body x-ray camera. I had one carry-on bag with nothing but a couple of changes of clothes. I checked no baggage since I didn't feel like paying for the privilege of having the airlines lose my luggage. I wore jeans and a t-shirt and easy to take off sneakers. I wore no jewelry, no watch, and carried no change in my pockets.

I went on my way, fully expecting to have a miserable and possibly humiliating time. My theory about dress and facial hair proved out. The clean-shaven, suit and tie wearing business type in front of me was pulled out to do the hokey pokey. He was a good sport about it. I wonder what he was thinking as he watched all of us [watching him] as he turned and twisted and held his hands above his head? If it had been me, my face would have been beet red. I would have broken out into a hot sweat, and I would have felt thoroughly humiliated. I felt embarrassed for him but I'm not sure he even thought twice about it. I got the feeling that this was a common occurrence for him.

My flight in Memphis was delayed because a pilot called in sick. Due to this, I missed my connecting flight in Salt Lake City. I had to wait an extra two hours. The lunch I was supposed to have gotten on my flight from Salt Lake City to Boise may have been servedbut not to me because I missed that flight. So, I subsisted on my one packet of peanuts and my one shot-glass size cup of Coca-Cola. All in all, due to plenty of thoughtful planning on my part, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

What is the moral of this story? Flying thirty-seven years ago was a treat. Now it's a trial. If you don't mind humiliation, boredom, hunger, and close humid confinement with your fellow man, flying will get you there faster, but if there's another way to get there, you should probably do that instead.