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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waiting patiently for Armageddon

It seems as though most of us want to see the end of this little guided tour we call life, not through anything so bucolic as dying a natural death, but in some cosmic smash-up that has everyone shuffling off their mortal coils in a massive all-encompassing crescendo. Some believe that those who’re more worthy will be ‘swept up’ into a utopian paradise where everyone is happy all the time. Others believe we’ll just stop existing. Every religion including the religion of Atheism has one all important message, and that is that life is irrelevant. And believing this, we all act as though our own life is the last act in God's mawkish play. The curtains come down and, Finis.

In the following incredibly depressing article, Monty Pelerin makes the argument that the socioeconomic system in place in the United States of America is completely unsustainable and that systemic catastrophic failure is inevitable and soon to come. Unfortunately his argument is more than persuasive, it’s undeniable. The sad fact for citizens of the United States, is that the bloated parasitic bureaucracy voted in on the promise of all things to all people is unable to support itself and all the other non-producers living on the blood of the relatively few productive members of this sick society. The patient on the death bed is Uncle Sam and the monstrous Ponzi scheme called a federal deficit will hold off that death only briefly.

Americans of this era have behaved as though they believe they are the last Americans, ever. So what happens after? A worldwide depression the likes of which has never before been seen or even imagined seems a certainty. Will this be the Armageddon prophesied of? Should we hoard gold, guns, and food? Or should we rely on Karl Marx's opiate of the masses?

For me, I think none of these. I’ll invest in nature’s perfect commodity, whiskey.