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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

EBT and Football aka Pānis et Circēnsēs

The upcoming 2016 election determines America's fate. It seems all but a foregone conclusion that Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton has the Democratic nomination sewn up. As for the Republicans, it looks like Trump is the favorite. Everybody likes the Mexican purchased wall, and everybody likes the idea of deporting all the illegals in their many millions. Additionally, it also looks like the media is turning their attacks against Trump, now that he's finally being taken seriously. Here are a few recent articles, but there are thousands more. Well .... you know what? Who cares! Go get a couple of 40s and flip on the boob tube. I bet there's a football game on right now. And you know, that's WAAAAAY more important than who leads the country for the next four to eight years. Hey, don't believe me? Check out this profanity laced screed by a serious Eagles fan.


Okay, okay, this guy goes on and on in an angry rant because his favorite team "The Eagles" lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He seemed to be seriously upset, one might even say he's completely unhinged! But at the end of the day, what has he lost? Now it's possible that he lost a bet and has to pay somebody a lot of money. The thing is, in all that ranting and raving he never says that he lost any money, and I think we all know that his fury is not based on personal loss. Somehow his life is so wrapped around the fate of his favorite professional football team, that their loss is his catastrophe.

This guy is in tears because South Carolina lost. I'm not exaggerating when I say that, somewhere in America, there's a homeless guy raging—not because he's unemployed, or homeless, or all alone, not because he's probably going to freeze to death in the bleak winter weather forecast on the horizon—but simply because his football team lost a game. You really can't make this stuff up! A man has cancer, but his dying wish isn't to see his son graduate from Stanford University, no it's to meet Peyton Manning or Tony Romo, or maybe it's Tim Tebow! You see, if only his wish was granted he could die happily. If only he gets to shake so-and-so's hand and tell so-and-so to beat the living shit out of rival team X then his meaning in life will be fulfilled!

That's the circus in bread and circuses by the way. Fans completely subsume themselves in imagined glory, linking their own fate to that of their football gods. When their team does well their own miserable fate is immaterial. Who cares if they're homeless and starving, when their football team is going to the playoffs?

It is insanity in point of fact, and anybody who could step back and simply take an objective look at the phenomenon would quickly label it what is is ... an obsession.

Maybe you're a football fan, or a basketball, baseball, hockey, or soccer fan. You have your favorite team and that's it. You probably also have your hated team. You hate them because all your team's fans hate this one team. Maybe you like the San Francisco 49ers, and therefore you hate The Dallas Cowboys. Maybe you like the Georgia Bulldogs and therefore hate the Clemson Tigers. Every team has its traditional rival just like Luke Skywalker has Darth Vader. It's all so clichéd and predictable, that I for one, am blown aside—as my 49er loving, Cowboy hating brother would say. (Blown aside is almost—but not quite—as amazing as blown away.)

Sometimes I just want to scream WAKE UP!!!! The world is disintegrating around us, and so many of you seem to care about nothing but who just won or lost a meaningless football game. Okay, so your team won! That means you get a raise? No, you don't work for the Eagles. You don't get a raise. You don't get a bonus. You don't get squat, except for something called "bragging rights."

Okay BRAG! Tell me how awesome "your team" is, and and how sorry and pathetic "my team" is. Tomorrow when your daughter gets sick and you don't have medical insurance—because your company downsized you to part time and doesn't offer medical insurance to part timers—I hope the glow and the glory of your recent win, allows you to feel happy as you watch your daughter suffer.

No, I don't really wish that on you. I hope your daughter stays perfectly healthy so that you won't need the insurance which you lost because of Obamacare. Please, wish me the same luck, as I cope with exactly that same problem.
"Bread and circuses" (or bread and games; from Latin: panem et circenses) is metonymic for a superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the generation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace, as an offered "palliative." Its originator, Juvenal, used the phrase to decry the selfishness of common people and their neglect of wider concerns. The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty amongst the concerns of the commoner.
It's hard to believe that we're reliving the same history all over again. Rome fell. The most powerful empire on Earth fell apart from within because of short-sighted policies and the pursuit of the trivial over the exigent. Here's the relevant Bible verse:
Ecclesiates 1:9

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
Why don't we ever learn? It's all so absurdly comical. Watch your football game while America flushes itself down the toilet. Go to the store and get your "free" lunch with your EBT card. You've got nothing to worry about. Life is great! Drink your beer and forget about everything. I feel certain tomorrow's football game will solve all of your problems!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hey Black Lives... EFF YOU

Nobody cares.

We live our lives, we go to work. We have our good days and bad ones. Occasionally somebody offers a compliment, or an expression of gratitude, but mostly our efforts are met with silence. What a contrast! How often are our failures met with silence? Rarely. A waitress late with the food, a cook with slightly burned food, a cashier too slow scanning in coupons, all are immediately vilified. "Hello!" "Can I get some service?!" "I've been waiting for ten minutes!" "I don't have all day."

This Sunday I want to rest. I worked all week and just want to rest. But my cunting wife needs medicine. She needs her Zoloft. So here I am, working for the seventh day .... no .... the 325th day in a row without a single day off. Meanwhile my wife hasn't even made a sandwich in the same number of days.

Nobody cares.

I'm sitting here typing this with a heavy heart. I feel so hopeless. I don't believe this will ever end. No, I'm not talking about my seven days a week work schedule. I'm talking about our world. It's so depressing. So so so depressing. You want the litany? Okay, here's the short version... 19 trillion in debt, 127 trillion in unfunded liabilities, the worst most violent and bitter race relations since the Civil War. Eight billion people stomping about the world, Aquifers drying up, Global cooling, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

How bad is it? How absurd? How risible, How asinine, how insane!? There aren't words. Please, allow me to just mention this one fatuous absurdity...just as one example...Black Lives Matter protesters are upset in Missouri, because all the reporters that they've been so cozy with, are now apparently ignoring "Black Lives" completely and instead focusing on French lives. (By the way in case you were wondering, French lives are white lives and therefore they don't matter.) Today we can conclude conclusively and categorically that #OnlyBlackLivesMatter.

So here it is. I know a lot of you have been thinking this. They'll call me racist, but so what. I work seven days a week and pay taxes so that #BlackLives can get their EBT card. So, you know what? #FuckBlackLives!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

BOOM!!!!! .... No, not a suicide belt ... it's this comment...

Mary RN had this to say:
Practicing Islam should be a hate crime. The Koran should be treated like the confederate flag. It offends me. It should be outlawed and practicing this cult should be like going to a KKK meeting. If another terrorist attack happens on American soil, the mosques should be leveled. NO refugees from the middle east. None. The ones already here need to be kept in fema camps. Round them up.
YES! YES! YES! Islam is hate, and Mohammed is the Antichrist. Allah is Satan and all his followers are demons from hell. This is not hyperbole, this is demonstrable fact. Evil is as evil does. When will people wake up and smell the devil? Every Muslim is just a single synapse fire from going 9/11. Muslims are evil. They're savages. They're the enemy. Wait I've got an idea Obama, why don't you stand in the corner facing the wall and wait for the Blair Witch to take a nap?

Don't you abhor this kind of histrionic rhetoric? I bet you're thinking...what an idiot! What a racist. What a maroon! What an ignoranamous!

This whole thing is what I've been screaming since about 14 years ago. If the enemy confronts you, he must be defeated, utterly. He must be driven before you. He must be shown no mercy. His way of life must be destroyed. His livelihood must be annihilated, His contacts must be severed. His religion must be snuffed utterly and categorically. His every thought, gesture, and word, must be "UNCLE! UNCLE! UNCLE!"

Until we grind these savages into the dirt from whence they sprang, this shit will continue. But I predict that this latest French atrocity might just be a signed death warrant. At long last the people are finally waking up. They're beginning to realize that this cult of death called Islam must be decimated, outlawed, and finally excised from our planet.

Nuke Mecca!


France has its 9/11 moment

My wife of 15 years was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes several years ago. She was distraught, understandably so, but was even more distraught by the lack of sympathy from medical workers, and her doctor who frankly explained her condition was mostly her own fault. Her sedentary lifestyle and lack of weight control were the primary causes of her condition. She's since gone on an Atkins diet and has brought her weight down. She doesn't require insulin and as long as she controls her carbs tightly, she should be fine.

There are life-changing moments that all of us go through. We live for years doing whatever we want and suddenly out of the blue we discover that both action, as well as inaction, have consequences.

Many of you will be angry at my next comment. Tough shit!

If five or ten percent of the Bataclan concert goers had been carrying concealed, the outcome would have been triumphant instead of tragic.

These people were slaughtered like sheep. Like sheep! They played dead and now they are dead. It's tragic, horrific, unexpected, and very sad. If only a few of them had shot back. If only a few of them had rushed their attackers. If only they'd had a flight 93 moment, a Thalys train moment. But they didn't. And they all died, butchered like sheep in a slaughterhouse. It's shameful, in a word. Shameful!

Now, France is going to war. Hurrah...Turtling in their shell didn't work. Now they'll have to fight. I know...I'm the bad guy. I'm the one who doesn't kowtow to the PC police and express sympathy and empathy, and all those other pathys... My bad.

We had our 9/11. We watched in horror as thousands—not just hundreds mind you—were slaughtered like sheep. We watched in disgust as you French people refused to join us. Refused to fight. Refused to allow us to use your airports. Refused to even allow us to fly over your airspace. In response we refused to eat french fries. We created our own side item dubbed freedom fries. Childish I suppose, but also symbolic.

France, you thought you could remain neutral. You thought they'd leave you alone. You thought, if you made no waves, remained compliant, peaceful, neutral, conspicuously silent, they'd leave you alone. Obviously you were mistaken.

When my wife came home crying, I was supportive, but the words running through my head kept trying to slip through my lips. Don't you understand? Don't you get it? You really did bring this on yourself. This wasn't unexpected at all. There's no surprise here. Your own actions and in-actions made this moment inevitable.

Welcome to the fight, France. We understand that you didn't understand. We're glad you finally get it. Now, let's exterminate these savages down to the last inhuman POS, finally! Here, have some freedom fries. I made them this morning, and they are delicious! (sorry Taff, none for you.;=)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

PETA is too vague

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is meaningless. I don't think these do-gooders have any idea what an Animal even is!
Insects. The insect class comprises the most diverse group of animals on the earth and constitutes more than half of all described animal species. Insect species also make up close to 90 percent (800,000 of 900,000) of all arthropod species.
The classification: Animal includes insects, and arachnids, and annelids. When you say Animal, you are talking about house flies. You are talking about ants, maggots, and worms.
Worms belong to a vast range of different phyla - annelids, nematodes, flatworms, acorn worms, velvet worms, spoon worms, goblet worms, jaw worms, horsehair worms, ribbon worms, horseshoe worms, thorny-headed worms, peanut worms, strange flatworms, and possibly even more.

Okay, so let's talk ethical. How does PETA feel about me taking an earthworm and threading it on a fishing hook to catch a fish? EVIL PERHAPS DEMONIC!?

Let's get real for a second. PETA doesn't concern itself with the lower animal phyla. It's mostly mammal, but also includes both reptiles and birds. If I'm a member of PETA, I assume that I only need concern myself with actual "People" treating animals ethically. What about putting vitamins in the water that leopards drink from? What if people interfering and making leopards healthier, caused gazelles to be killed in higher numbers? So ... Ethical Treatment could be construed as not helping a particular species to survive at the potential existence of another species? When you look at it this way, it's obvious that insecticides are strictly verboten. How could you disadvantage one phyla over another?

But it goes much further than that. Think about every cell in your body. Where did that cell come from? What animals were disadvantaged, were discriminated against, were annihilated, simply so that you—arrogant you—could be standing here today, holding up your PETA sign so proudly, while you march arrogantly up and down the square, etc., meanwhile countless insectoid species were sent to their graves on your selfish behalf! You should totally kill yourself.

If you're really a TRUE PETA BELIEVER, you don't belong. You represent an imbalance. You are only here because billions of animals lost their lives unethically, selfishly, over thousands of generations, just so that you could stand here asininely pontificating today. You don't belong PETA. If you had one iota of self-respect, if you really aren't the self-abrogating embodiment of hypocrisy that the world sees when they see you, you will climb into a carefully self-dug grave—preserving both insects and annelids—and then pull the dirt down on top of your selfishly existing self.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rebuttal to Why Liberals Identify with Criminals

I read and respect American Thinker. It's really a great resource for conservatives to gain new perspectives on current events from insightful conservative authors. With that said, occasionally I disagree wholeheartedly with a published in point this one:

Why Liberals Identify with Criminals

Liberals hate cops, honest citizens with guns, and hard sentencing laws because liberals identify with criminals.
If a liberal dislikes the police because he thinks they are unfairly targeting his “harmless” drug use it’s not a big step for him to assume that cops are racist and violent towards other “innocent” people. After all if a liberal believes that cops are “racist pigs” then it becomes clear that arresting “innocent” drug users is an act of fascist repression and that drug users are actually victims of the “police state” not criminals.

This antipathy towards the law because of drugs is not new. During Prohibition Americans who liked to drink lost respect for the police. Anyone who likes to do things that are illegal is going to develop a distaste for the men and women in blue who enforce the law. It’s a natural consequence of the fact that human nature is such that we usually try and rationalize our behavior by scapegoating someone else.
Like other criminals, liberals often believe that what they do doesn’t hurt others. Robbers will rationalize that they’re stealing from people who are rich only because the system is corrupt and that they, the robbers, are just getting what should be theirs, and anyway the “rich” they’re stealing from won’t miss what was stolen. Rapists will claim that the woman “asked for it” and that “no means yes”. Similarly liberals argue that their drug use doesn’t hurt anyone. Apparently liberals either don’t care or are unaware of the victims of their drug use.

So, Tom Trinko, (author of American Thinker article I'm rebutting,) smoking a joint is rape? Yes, that's what you said you ... you ... YOU FATUOUS JACKASS! What an incredibly asinine and amazingly risible fallacious argument you've left here like a steaming pile in the pasture. I refer you to's Strawman Fallacy. Please read it in its entirety and once you understand it completely...please reread (pick through) your own steaming pile that you unwittingly—or perhaps wittingly?—deposited on American Thinker readers.

It's not just liberals that think the [War on Drugs] is a war against Americans. You would be hard pressed to find very many people who didn't think that Prohibition was misguided, a resounding failure, the prelude to organized crime, and perhaps the single most idiotic, backwards, and asinine experiment in left-thinking tyranny that was ever passed by the many united states. It was in short an unmitigated disaster. And the conclusion that any rational thinking human being should reach is that people like to get high. We enjoy euphoria. God built us this way.
Drug use however does have many victims; the gang wars in our cities, the massive deaths of blacks in our cities, the chaos and death in Mexico are all fueled by the dollars of American drug users. Mexico is turning into a cesspool of violence and corruption because Americans want their drugs and they don’t care who suffers.

The river of drug money also leads to the corruption of the police that in turn causes the very sort of police misconduct that liberals excoriate.
Tom, Tom, Tom, it's as though you are completely retarded. I know you're not, but how, how I wonder, can somebody who communicates as articulately as you do, profess to believe such a giant load of horseshit? Are you effing serious!? I'm honestly left awestruck at your fawning ignorance—or is it your unprincipled duplicity? In short, are you a liar or an idiot? You do know that the river of drug money flows from the mammoth spigot that is the drug war itself, don't you? If marijuana was legal, and if you could grow it in your backyard garden next to the peas and the cucumbers, who would be paying $50.00 for seven grams of it? Who would be smuggling tons of it into the USA? Who would be robbing stores, shooting rival gang members, beating up little old ladies, to get a little more of it?

As Clinton himself might say: IT'S THE DRUG WAR, STUPID!

Chris Matthews doesn't understand Engrish

Herro Mr. Matthews!

We noticed that you think Rand Paul doesn't understand the Constitution. Here, let me quote from your Fortune magazine article:

Rand Paul doesn't understand the Constitution

One of the main talking points Paul used to argue against the bill was that the suspension of the debt limit, as opposed to the raising of the limit to a new, specific dollar amount, grants the President a blank check to spend the people’s money on whatever he pleases:

But this is just not true. With a debt-limit suspension, the Treasury can only borrow money for spending that has already been authorized by Congress. While it’s true that the main drivers of federal spending–Social Security and Medicare–are entitlement programs whose costs rise automatically without annual Congressional approval, they are still programs that were approved by Congress. And Congress can, if it wants to, cut spending on these programs and obviate the need for the Treasury department to borrow more.
I'm not a Rand Paul supporter. I like Ted Cruz, for too many reasons to list in this blog post. That said, I like Rand Paul's defiance of the establishment status quo. For too long, we the people have watched helplessly as the debt and its corresponding "debt limit" have been run up and up and up. Here's somebody who's standing athwart the tracks on which a runaway debt train is barreling out of control. He's going to be crushed, but still you have to admire him for being the only one trying to do something. Unfortunately—as my metaphor suggests—he doesn't stand a chance.

My wife and I once had neighbors and close friends named Christie and Todd. Todd was a police officer, and Christie was a stay at home wife and mother of two children. They were great, and always had fun stories about their world. Todd could talk for hours about the crazy things he saw everyday, the idiots who always think they're too smart to get caught and the excuses they'd use. Christie would talk about her children, life, news she saw online, hobbies, and the oddities of people in public as well as the weirdos at a late-night Wal-Mart.

They had a problem. Their problem was debt. Todd was injured while apprehending a suspect. He hurt his back and had to take some time off. He got workers compensation of course, and that sustained him for a while, as he tried to get back into working shape. Meanwhile his wife went just a little bit crazy. I found out about this later from my wife. (Women can keep secrets so much better than men, don't you think?)

Anyway, Christie found out that she could take out a quick loan at these places that offered something called a "payday advance." You'd go in, submit your information, get approved simply by having a checking account, and then you'd write them a check for $120.00. They'd hand you $100.00 cash and tell you that they'd be cashing that check in exactly seven days. If you later discovered that you didn't have $120 in the bank by that seventh day, you could stop by the store and hand them a twenty. That would reset the clock for another week.

She did this at about eight or nine different check cashing places. She'd get another one just to pay off the other seven she already had going! Can you imagine it? It's a juggling routine where if a ball drops your whole family's way of life is totally screwed. It was foolishness pure and simple, and she should have known better. When she was finally called out on it, she was completely unrepentant. She snapped back..."What was I supposed to do? Let the house get foreclosed on? Let them repossess our car? Let the children go hungry? What exactly was I supposed to do? I did what I had to, and I'd do it again!"

It's a completely alien way of thinking. You can perhaps understand it on some intellectual level, but at the same time you can't understand how a rational human being who grew up with the same educational opportunities, the same customs and society, the same experiences at home on television, at school, at church, et cetera, can't simply grasp the fact that while climbing down into your local zoo's lion habitat to retrieve a dropped purse might seem sensible economically, it's still completely insane!

Chris Matthews, if you think 19, 20, 30 trillion dollars of debt is going to end well, you should totally go to the zoo, you should say "herro!" to the lion, Chris ... and I invite you — no! I urge you! — to climb on down and pet him on his big cute head.


You might be wondering what my blog title has to do with the substance of my post ... I thought I'd pull a "Chris Matthews." (That's my own coined phrase that means: make an insane accusation, then disseminate it to millions of people, and then not bother to attempt proving it in the slightest.)