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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The casual use of language to bescumber the facts

bescumber: Verb (third-person singular simple present bescumbers, present participle bescumbering, simple past and past participle bescumbered
• (obsolete) To discharge ordure or dung upon.
Here's an unvarnished newly discovered incontrovertible fact: Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby organs for cash. How will the MSM spin this? Let's take a look:
So far, as my colleague Mike DeBonis notes, men have been the primary voice of incredulousness in Washington over Planned Parenthood ...
That's the first sentence in a Washington Post Article entitled: Meet the three GOP women leading the charge to defund Planned Parenthood. Well, the title says it all. Three women lead the charge. The first sentence spins it the way you're supposed to grok it. You see, this uniquely female topic i.e. abortion—about which men are never supposed to have an opinion—has three female leaders ... only three ... as in merely tokens, as in this tempest in a tea-pot, GOP led non-event has a trio of misled misogynistic self-hating chumps leading their callithumpian parade of total non-coolness. But lest you think I'm reading more into this than is actually there, let's continue!
Either way, there's a renewed push in Congress to take away some or all of the $500 million in federal funds that goes to Planned Parenthood -- none of which, we should note, is legally allowed to pay for abortions.

GOP leaders are smartly letting women in Congress lead the way. Male lawmakers dominate both the party's congressional contingent and the two bills introduced this week to defund the organizaton, but anti-abortion-rights advocates are hoping these three Republican women become the movement's faces.
Okay, here's some news ladies and gentlemen ... $500 million dollars ... That's half a billion ... "none of which" (he laughs to himself) "is legally" (giggle snort) "allowed to pay for abortions." Well, definitions of "is" aside, I'd like you the rational reader of this blog post to procure a ten-dollar bill from the government, purely as a thought experiment mind you. This ten dollars will be a grant so that you can better society through charitable works and the like. You have it? Perfect. Now, put that ten dollars in your right front pocket. Okay, now think of a person you want a really bad thing to happen to. Got one? Good. Hey if you send me ten dollars a name and an address I promise that something really bad will happen to that person. No, you're not legally allowed to use the ten dollars in your right pocket. Sorry, it will have to be a different ten dollars. Are we clear yet? If you don't understand at this point the fatuousness of the argument that half-a-billion dollars of federal funding paid to an abortion organization that harvests and sells baby organs is never used to pay for abortions, then ... you're lost. You were probably looking for Huff-po.

Amber Phillips, the author of the article in the Washington Post which I'm quoting, says: "Male lawmakers dominate both the party's ..." etc. So it's men butting into a topic of which they have no say again. Why can't they just not have an opinion!? These damned males in the GOP! Luckily if you're a Democrat it's much more fair and balanced. Why, I'm certain that if we were to see how many Democratic women were in Congress ... we'd see ... never mind. Moving on....
Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)

Who she is: If her name rings a bell, it's because Ernst was one of the star GOP recruits for the 2014 midterms. With her "let's make 'em squeal" ads talking about castrating hogs on her family's farm, Ernst beat Rep. Bruce Braley (D) to win the open seat in Iowa and help Republicans take control of the Senate for the first time in seven years.

Her anti-abortion creds: Enough to be on a receiving end of a $450,000 ad campaign against her from Planned Parenthood in 2014. As a state senator, she voted to defund the organization and cut off state funding for abortion as well as grant legal protections for a fertilized egg.
If you want to know what Amber Phillips, this Washington Post writer, means by "fertilized egg" she means an unborn baby. When she scoffingly refers to legal protections for a "fertilized egg," she's talking about a living thinking human-being with a heartbeat and blood flowing through its veins. Pass the cigar! My wife just gave birth to a "fertilized egg!"

Hey all you PETA folk: if you didn't already hate Joni Ernst simply because she's a Republican...apparently she enjoys talking about chopping off pig testicles...Now how much do you hate her?

Are you seriously telling me that of the half-a-billion dollars that Planned Parenthood gets from the Federal government, they spend half a million of it on defeating Joni Ernst? Wait ... I bet they're not legally allowed to use Federal funding on ad campaigns to defeat anti-abortion advocates...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Setting fire to a masterpiece doesn't make one a master.

When a person is able to create law, change law, erase law, his power is great enough to become a king. We see this happening here in America. The complaint that I see more and more conservatives making, is that it doesn’t matter who wins. The ponderous parade towards the ultimate goal of a totalitarian police state inevitably marches onward. If—as in the case of the USA—there is a prewritten constitution where powers are strictly limited and power is separated in several branches, this concentration of power is delayed and fought and re-fought in chambers and courtrooms and board rooms. But the direction of power flows always towards the center. It is much like the gravity well of a black hole. Wherever ultimate decisions are made, in that place will ultimate power inevitably rest.

The problem isn’t the law or the constitution or the method of governance. The problem is—and for all of mankind’s history always has been—that mankind if fatally flawed. Mankind is too proud. In myth after myth the plot describes a good man who allows his overabundance of hubris to subvert and overcome whatever decency and kindness he naturally possessed.

Looking back through history we see the rise and fall of countless civilizations. Every method of government dreamed up by some group of fevered statesmen has been tried, and time after time every method has failed. The question—asked by a precariously positioned egg is—which is to be master? That’s all. In every case the end of every civilization came when the ones in power finally went too far, and the people finally rose up against them.

The great idea of democracy was that since the will of the people is exercised periodically in deciding who will rule, no person can become too powerful. The problem is that this protection will only hold for as long as it is the case that intelligent and productive citizens make the decision of who will rule. When idiots and takers make this decision the government is doomed. Unfortunately for America, the smart and the productive have been rendered into stupid and useless by cynical power-mongers who succeeded in subverting democracy by robbing Peter to pay Paul.

There is no way to stop prideful power-hungry men from promising everything to those who have nothing, achieving the throne, wearing the crown, and then burning down the world to achieve that ever elusive economic parity so desired by the laziest of men. In a nutshell: a self-proclaimed god—Obama—uses the envy of a multitude of small men to throw down the works of the industrious and the mighty. In this way perhaps he believes that he is greater than any of them? These founders of this the greatest nation in the history of the world were not as great as Obama, because wasn’t it he who ultimately destroyed their greatest work?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Voting ... what a joke!

I realized something this morning. Voting is such bullshit. It's a joke. Your vote counts about as much as the big foam hand counts in a football game. You don't like that. You disagree. You think I'm misinformed, ignorant, unenlightened. Okay. How many elections can you recall that were decided by just one vote? Go ahead I'm waiting ... How many? ... Did you say none?

If you want to know who runs this country, who's responsible for everything turning to complete and total shit ... well it's not the voters. It's the ones receiving their votes. It's the politicians who run this country. By the same token, it's not the fans cheering in the stands that decide whether the game is a win or a loss, it's the players.

I realize that there are plenty of sports fans out there who think they have some sort of ephemeral mystical power to influence the outcome of a game. They imagine to themselves that their own puny and insignificant nothing of a life is in some way the magical missing piece of a sorcerer's puzzle that when placed just so, and just when, will somehow change the world for the better. Maybe they don't wash their smelly team jersey for several months. Maybe they have some sort of Howard Hughes OCD method of leaving the house or turning on the television on game day. I've got some surprising news for these folks. Whether they exist or not has no bearing on the larger events that unfold in this universe. Does anybody really think their chop on a piece of paper or finger on a touchscreen made them the king of the world?

I know ... I know. You don't like this. I'm being a drag, a downer, a party pooper. You don't want to hear this, believe this, accept this. Your vote doesn't matter. Your cheers and face paint and even that giant foam hand don't really matter. Who matters? Well, there's a man on the field called a quarterback. There's a coach on the sidelines. There's less important people known as attackers and defenders. They're the ones playing the game. Not you. If you really wanted to have any say about how this country is run, you'd try to figure out how to get in the game.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sierra Mannie: Harriet Tubman on the 20 is condescension

An economic rule that is universal and unquestioned is that supplies are limited yet wants are unlimited. To see this in action merely question the parents watching their children sit on Santa's lap, then question the children. I mention this because people need to understand that [everything is never enough.] No matter what you give a person, he'll always want more. We know this instinctively but many of us—the left-wing unenlightened types—don't seem to be able to apply this understanding in all its various permutations.

You say: "OMG there's no black people on money." The solution seems obvious. Put a black person's face on some particular denomination. That plan is on the table and to my mind seems already a fait accompli. Yet, apparently, that plan is nothing more than a pat on the back—a condescending gesture it seems—to at least one proud black women who simply won't accept this well-meaning yet perhaps misguided gesture.
Black women have served and suffered in America for hundreds of years—putting one on a $20 feels like a weak pat on the back

It’s not that I don’t want to see her on my money, but there is a bitter irony to putting a black woman on a $20 bill when America makes it nearly impossible for black women to see Andrew Jackson’s face there in the first place.
That's the money quote from Sierra Mannie. "America makes it nearly impossible for a black woman to see Andrew Jackson's face."

At first I want to slap the shit out of this impossibly asinine sistah. STFU comes to mind. Sorry for the profanity and references to profanity. I try to keep this above the belt, but some people really bring out the worst in me. What a dunce! OMG according to Sierra Mannie, black women find it nearly impossible to hold a twenty dollar bill! Did you know? Oh the inhumanity! With hundreds of millions of twenty dollar bills floating around out there, it seems none of them float into the hands of black women. I for one am aghast, appalled, horrified, brought to tears, and any other sarcastic eruption of dismay that will convince you how sincerely I don't care what this braying jackass carrying a brokeback camel's worth of faux outrage thinks about a God Damned thing!

Sorry folks sometimes there are only a few choice words that will serve to express how I really feel about a certain kind of person. You want to know what I think? Who cares? Change the money, don't change the money. In a few more years a pound of that money won't be worth as much as one soft roll of toilet paper. Build a better money softening machine and the world will beat a path to your door, and I will know what to do with all those worthless twenties.

A letter to black people

Dear African-Americans,

We're sick and tired of your uselessness, your passive-aggressive attitude, your helplessness, your constant reliance on the same tired and shopworn excuse of raaacism. We're sick and tired of your violence, your dishonesty, your drugs, your whores, your petty gang rivalries, your monumental ignorance, and your disdain for any activity or behavior which might pull you finally out of the stinking mire of governmental dependence within which you seemingly revel, much like a bloated stinking barnyard hog loves wallowing in it's own pig-shit.

No! Don't open that obscenity of a foul mouth. The only thing that ever comes out of that open sewer is swamp-gas. Is that a chip I see there on your shoulder? Please, allow me ...walks over and flicks it ... There I knocked it off for you. If you look around you, you'll begin to notice that we're beginning to notice you. You're not seeing very many sympathetic faces anymore these days, are you? Perhaps you might even notice that screaming raaacism isn't the big stick that it used to be. It's more of a twig, or perhaps just a sad little fig-leaf not very successfully covering up just how pathetic you really are.

You'll notice in this screed, this rant, this denunciatory disquisition, that I'm not fawningly and obsequiously reminding the world that there are many successful black people. You don't get any credit for that. You'll also notice that I'm also not cringingly and abjectly apologizing for the crime of slavery, committed long before I was born. You don't get any credit for that either. Finally I don't care about Jim Crow laws or segregation. I was born after that also. I'll give a few of you older ones credit for that, but it's still not good enough. You fail. All of you fail. If this were a grade you'd repeat it. If this were a footrace everyone would have already gone home by the time you finally came arrogantly sauntering in.

Speaking of arrogantly sauntering, we're noticing that also. I've never seen so many people so proud and yet so worthy of mere disdain. The worm is finally turning. These looting sprees you've been orchestrating, the arson, the daily episodes across the country of vicious beatings—sometimes killing, often maiming—of innocent white bystanders, Whether you call that the knockout game, or wilding or whatever new stupid ghetto slang term you think up to describe the behavior we'd expect from a troop of baboons, you're on notice. More and more of us are seeing you for who you really are. We have a term for people like you, and you're going to be hearing it more and more often.

If you act like a scumbag,  apologize for scumbags, defend scumbags, vote for scumbags, guess what? You're a scumbag. You should probably go ahead and get the tee-shirt or a hoodie in your case.


The World

Monday, May 11, 2015

How to be a Christian and beat the litigious LGBTQ left

I was reading the following when I realized something! Stay Quiet and You'll Be Okay.
Why would you expect people who see nothing wrong with destroying a mom'n'pop bakery over its antipathy to gay wedding cakes to have any philosophical commitment to diversity of opinion? And once you no longer have any philosophical commitment to it it's easy to see it the way Miliband and Cotler do - as a rusty cog in the societal machinery that can be shaved and sliced millimeter by millimeter.
It's a great article about the Pamela Geller incident in Garland Texas and free speech. You should read the whole thing. But this idea I had would really work. It's all built on the First Amendment.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
While I was reading the article, I realized that the court can ruin you for discrimination, but they CAN'T take away your freedom of speech. If I'm a baker, this is the cake a gay couple would get. See? I wouldn't discriminate. They want a cake with two grooms on it or two brides? That's exactly what they'd get. Plus a little something extra expressing my own freedom to say exactly what I think.

If you know any conscientious wedding cake bakers, pass this idea along. I don't see how any court could possible rule against an artist expressing free thought. I don't see why photographers couldn't use a similar strategy using photo-shopping techniques. You want pictures of a gay wedding? Sure thing buddy. I hope you like all your friends and family sporting a big red clown nose and a well-rendered dunce cap.

Yet more proof that we're circling the bowl

At ThisAintHell.US I came upon this:
Ya know those “Hometown Heroes” spots during your NFL sports games where the game stops and some local guy or girl trots out on the field in uniform to wild applause from the crowd? Well, I hope you enjoy them because New says that you’re paying the NFL for them.
That's right. The government pays for these elaborate feel-good moments in sports arenas where we celebrate our American heroes. Two things strike me, as they should also strike you. How crass! I just love the smell of faux-grassroots astroturf in the morning. Furthermore, isn't it nice of the NFL to take all that advertising money? Boy Howdy they sure are swell folks! In the comments about this blog post I read this:

If you ever get that odd feeling, a little like you're falling, and this feeling is accompanied by an overwhelming fear that everything you see will shortly be nothing but dust and ashes, welcome! Welcome to my world.

Welcome to a first glimpse at a world where everything you see and hear is a deliberate lie. Welcome to a world where the masses are perpetually distracted from the ever-worsening world situation, the ever-increasing national debt, the looming and inevitable failure of Social-Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, military pensions, VA hospitals, etc. Welcome to world where absolutely NOBODY cares about any of that. Uh-Oh that feeling is fading. Don't worry about it. I mean, come on! The game's about to start and your team has a shot at the title or the prize or the championship thingy. Yes, please continue telling me all about some aspect of the sporting event we're about to watch. I'm just dying to hear you wax eloquently—nay...poetically even!—about coaches, plays, players, stats, spreads, etc. Pass me another hot-wing and another beer, and let's forget about all that boring—we're all going to die horribly, quite soon—stuff.